Monday, January 28, 2013

Ultrasound #3

October 9th, 2012: 8 weeks
We are back at Lansing OBGYN for another checkup.  We were kinda sneaky and tried to play Sparrow and U of M so that we could see our babies and hear their heartbeats as often as possible during this early time especially since I had been bleeding in right before week 6.  This appointment, since we were just at U of M, was not technically necessary, but we kept it anyway..DUH! 

I have no family pictures to show because we didn't get to take any home at this appointment.  Josh and I aren't good at multitasking so we didn't even think to take our own picture while the ultrasound was up.  We just couldn't keep our eyes off of our babies :)  Both babies were still great and their heartbeats were in the 170s.  Again, they continue to grow so quickly looking like larger tadpoles now.   

Keep praying...keep hoping...

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